The approach at Sarah Berger Law, PLLC is simple:


Step 1: Get to know you.


Step 2: Work with you to develop a plan that effectively accomplishes your goals.


Step 3: Help implement your plan over time.


These three steps can be summarized into one phrase “Personalized Comprehensive Planning.”

Personalized. Sarah Berger Law, PLLC was founded with the understanding that each individual, family and organization has unique goals, unique dynamics and a unique history. Through open communication and an on-going rapport Sarah builds relationships with her clients that enable her to effectively offer counsel and representation that her clients can feel good about.

Comprehensive. Whether we like it or not our lives are becoming more and more complex. Appreciating this complexity is essential to developing a solid, comprehensive plan. To gain that necessary understanding Sarah meets with clients to learn about all the moving parts of their lives. She evaluates the role each part has to play in the client’s overall plan and applies the latest legal practices to her client’s unique situation to craft a plan that expresses the client’s wishes while ensuring that all elements of the plan work in harmony. In addition to creating comprehensive plans, Sarah also offers convenient meeting locations and direct attorney contact throughout your experience with her.

Planning. Planning is the art of preparing for the future based on the circumstances of today. Since life can be unpredictable, planning provides the comfort of preparedness. For some, it’s the comfort of knowing that minor children will be provided for in the event of the death of a parent, for others it’s comforting to know that a business will change hands seamlessly, for still others it gives peace of mind to know that there is someone to make health care decisions upon incapacity. Whatever it is that motivates you to plan, with Sarah Berger Law, PLLC, you can enjoy the comfort of knowing that your plan accomplishes your goals and that Sarah will be around to see your plan through.